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Let's Talk Pension Choices

With June 30th rapidly approaching, we are here to help. As a local Financial Planner in Gillette, we understand Wyoming, the industry, and how to best help your money work for you. Knowing that, let’s get to it and breakdown your options.

1) ROLLOVER TO AN IRA  – This will give you the most flexibility in your options for your money – investment options, distribution options, and tax benefit options. We can open a Rollover IRA to move your lump sum pension benefit to with no tax consequences and include in your future retirement planning.

2) ROLLOVER TO ARCH Resources 401K – This option moves your lump sum benefit to your Vanguard 401k account. Typically, account-level fees are cheaper in a 401k, but your investment options are limited and you do not have any professional guidance or advice.

3) INVOLUNTARY TRANSFER TO INSURANCE COMPANY ANNUITY OF ARCH Resources’ CHOOSING – If you DO NOT move your money out of your pension by June 30, 2023, you do not “lose” the money but it goes to into an annuity from an insurance company that Arch Resources chooses. We haven’t heard where this is yet. Annuities typically have higher fees than managed investment accounts as well as surrender charges, which means the insurance company may charge you a fee to withdraw your money if its in the next 3-10 years, even if you are over age 59 1/2.


To Rollover to an IRA with us by June 30th, here’s what will happen
1) Book a meeting below ASAP or call or text 307-313-2727 – this is Josh’s number
2) We will help you complete a 2-minute survey to assess your investment risk tolerance.
3) We will need your Benefits Statement (page 2 near the top shows your Lump Sum benefit that will transfer out).
4) We will gather information about you to open your Rollover IRA account.
5) We will give you instructions to fill out the Rollover Option on mypensionoption.com/arch or will help you complete it in our office.
6) You will receive a check in the mail at your home mailing address. *Do not cash this check* Notify us right away you have received it or bring it to our office. We will mail this check to be deposited into your new Rollover IRA.


Have Questions?
We have answers. It’s why we believe in SERVICE FIRST, the Wyoming way – In person, transparent, honest and relatable to your needs. 


Book a one-on-one chat with Josh Pierce, Owner of JH Pierce Wealth Management PC and see how we can take the stress of these financial changes off of your shoulders and make your hard earned pension work for you. It’s what we do!

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