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There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for financial advice – our service is customized to you, your life, and your business.
Personal & Family Financial Services
Helping you and your family reach your goals - whether that's life insurance, generational wealth, paying off debt, or more.
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Business Consulting
We help work ON your business so you can enjoy working IN your business.
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401K & Retirement
We help with all aspects of future planning & retirement savings while considering tax advantages & more.
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Helping make the most of finances.

Decentralized Financial Advice

THE FIRST Financial Planning Committee™ IN THE INDUSTRY

At other firms, you’ll likely be advised and guided by a single planner. This traditional approach might work for some, but one advisor cannot keep up with the changing landscape in the market of financial products. This tends to keep you within the comfort zone of your advisor’s primary expertise, which might not be the perfect fit for your unique goals.


At JH Pierce, we’ve transformed this model with our innovative team approach. Instead of the conventional one-advisor strategy, we bring together a diverse team of specialists. Therefore, every piece of your financial plan is carefully reviewed and advised by an expert whose skills and experience best serve your goals. 


Personal & Family Financial Planning

Our financial planning is designed to help you and your family reach your goals, sooner.

Your Journey • Your Goals • Tailored Strategy

401(k) & Employee Benefits

Give yourself peace of mind by planning for the future with our 401(k) services.

Simple • Tax Strategic • Options

Business Consulting

Your business doesn't need to be a fortune 500 company to get the benefits of a CFO.

Efficiency • Forward Planning • Results

What We Do

We specialize in being an advisor to business owners and people with complex financial positions. We become part of your team and work with your other professionals like your accountant, attorney, insurance agent, management team, etc. We assist you in being a facilitator for financial decisions and ask the questions you might not otherwise think to ask.

Responsible & Honest Financial Planning

Unlike typical financial advisors that sell insurance or investments, we provide creative strategies covering your whole financial picture. We believe that in order to truly provide unbiased advice, our firm’s compensation shouldn’t be dependent to our clients buying a financial product like insurance or investments. This adds transparency and allows us to completely work in our clients’ best interest. To us, this is the true definition of being a fiduciary.

However, insurance and investments are still important pieces of financial planning, so we have developed the best method to provide these as tools in our toolbox. We avoid commission motivated sales tactics and subscribe to a fiduciary standard, which means keeping your best interest above all else.



To profitably change lives for the better by teaching and implementing responsible and honest money management.

Core Values

Honesty & Transparency

We believe you should be educated on what is happening with your money and how it is being handled. Questions need to be answered straight and addressed head-on for you to be confident in the work we do for you.

Depth of Due Diligence

Before making any recommendations we perform our own due diligence to ensure that solution is the best for your situation. We take it a step further than most by interviewing the companies we work with as if we personally were enacting on the recommendation we are about to give.

Client-View Focus

We seek to provide a superior client experience in working with our firm and have designed our processes to continuously strive to achieve this value every call, every meeting, every day.

Passionate About Our Craft

Our team shares a culture of caring and joy in our work. Whether it's in analyzing financial planning ideas, opening new accounts, helping you with service items, or marketing, we strive to achieve value in each client contact through our work.

Our Process
process step 1

Discovery Meeting

At first, we will ask you for information, so we can understand your personal and financial circumstances. Then we will work with you to identify and select goals.

process step 2

Financial Planning Committee

After you have chosen goals, we will analyze your current course of action and other approaches you might take. We do this by gathering documentation on certain financial tools you already have in place. We will develop the financial planning recommendations. We utilize our Financial Planning Committee™ which is comprised of specialists in the various areas of your financial plan so you can get the best advice possible.

process step 3

Strategy Meeting

Then we will present the financial planning recommendations to you, along with the information we considered to develop them.We will analyze and recommend actions, products, and services to implement the financial planning recommendations.

process step 4

Proposal Meeting

We will work with you to decide which of my recommendations you would like to implement. We describe below how we will implement recommendations for specific accounts.

process step 5

Financial Planning Engagement & Review

Quarterly, or at least annually, we will monitor your financial plan. This will include analyzing the progress you have made toward achieving your goals. We will remind you to tell us about changes in your personal and financial circumstances. When needed, we will update your goals, our recommendations, and the selection of the actions, products, and services we have recommended. We also will  be monitoring the investments in your Investment Advisory Account and any actions we have taken.

Nationwide Impact

We help clients meet their goals across the US.

Two Locations

You can visit us at one of our two local offices.

Gillette, Wyoming
financial planning in Gillette, Wyoming
Marion, Iowa
Financial Planning in Marion Iowa

Being successful in investing requires two things: Time & Cash Flow. Without those, you won't see much growth.

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