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Financial Planning, for individuals and families

Because we believe advice is more important than products, we charge a flat fee for our comprehensive financial planning process designed to add massive efficiency and value to help you achieve your goals, faster.

​ Financial Position

  • Personal Net Worth tracking
  • Debt Reduction planning
  • Large Purchase consulting
  • Cash Flow and Net Worth projections
  • Loan and banking consulting
  • Real Estate & Other Outside Investment Analysis

Estate Planning

  • Organize documents to one centralized location
  • Beneficiary Review
  • Account & Asset Titling​


Tax Planning

  • 1040 review & analysis
  • *Proactive Tax Planning Strategies
  • Account & Asset Titling

Insurance & Risk Management

  • ​Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance
  • Loan & Mortgage coverage
  • Income replacement
  • End of Life expense
  • Philanthropy

Disability Income Insurance

  • Income protection against long term disability

Invest wisely to grow your money

One crucial step to investing is in proper setup of the account to avoid serious tax and estate consequences. Our clients are confident in their ability to grow their investments knowing it is done correctly from the start. We sought to partner with some of the best asset managers in the industry to provide the best client experience and flexibility to match our planning process.
Retirement Accounts
  • Traditional and Roth IRA
  • 401(k) Rollover
Education Savings Accounts
  • 529 Plans
Other Accounts
  • Trust Accounts
  • Excess Cash/Savings
  • Large Purchase Planning
  • Business Liquidity
  • Securities Backed Lines of Credit
  • Foundations/Endowments
* Neither our company nor any of its employees or agents are authorized to give legal or tax advice. Consult your own personal attorney, legal, or tax counsel for advice on specific legal and tax matters.

Financial Planning Process

1st Quarter
Financial Position & Estate Planning
Goals & Objectives
  • Discuss new year goals and objectives
  • Reflect on previous years’ accomplishments (if applicable)
  • Update personal/contact information

Financial Position
  • Review consolidated statement of accounts

  • Update Personal Financial Statement

  • Discuss any material life/financial changes

  • Reinforce negative effects of high consumer debt interest rates
  • Emphasize the importance of a fully-funded emergency fund
Estate Planning
  • Update estate estimator
  • Review necessary documents: Wills, Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Healthcare, Directives
  • Discuss potential changes to an estate plan
  • Discuss special needs planning if applicable
  • Review all beneficiary designations
Tax Planning
  • Schedule meeting/call with CPA/bookkeeper if necessary
  • Complete prior-year retirement contributions
  • Review capital gains reporting summary
2nd Quarter
Investment Planning
Tax Planning/Review
  • Highlight changes to tax law 
  • Review tax return
  • Plans for refund or needed changes to W4 withholding
Investments Planning
  • Discuss current market conditions and projections
  • Review investment accounts performance
  • Discuss asset allocation and asset location strategies
  • Review accounts held outside of JHPWM
  • Complete new Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
  • Review contribution strategy with projections
  • Recommend adjustments based on changes to risk and time horizon
College Planning
  • Discuss savings goals and objectives
  • Discuss the current contribution amount
Employer Sponsored Plans
  • Discuss 401(k) allocation, contribution percentage, and performance
  • Review benefits of Roth 401(k) option
  • Recommend adjustments to 401(k)
Childrens Savings
  • Discuss savings goals and objectives
  • Discuss the current contribution amount
  • Review minor account types and strategies
3rd Quarter
Protection Planning
Employee Benefits
  • Review employee benefits offering
  • Review stock options, RSUs, and vesting schedules
  • Discuss deferred compensation and profit-sharing
  • Discuss health insurance options
  • HSA vs FSA
  • Review any supplemental insurance through employer
Life / DI / LTC Insurance
  • Review purpose of Life/Disability Insurance/Long-Term Care insurance
  • Review all insurance policies summary
  • Discuss changes in coverage need
Accident & Critical Illness Insurance
  • Discuss need for any accident or critical illness policies
  • Review any accident policies
  • Review Heart, Stroke, or Hospital stays policies
Home / Auto Insurance
  • Review home/auto and umbrella policies 
4th Quarter
Tax Planning
Tax Planning
  • Highlight any tax law changes or eligible credits
  • Discuss any major tax transactions and timing of those transactions
  • Consider harvesting capital losses and/or gains in non-qualified accounts
  • Review tax projections
  • Gifting Strategies
    • Finalize charitable gifting amount and strategies
Investment Planning
  • Review investment account performance
  • Retirement Contributions
    • Confirm total retirement account contributions
  • Consider back-door Roth contributions or Roth conversions
  • Gifting Strategies
    • Finalize charitable gifting amount and strategies
    • Discuss child investment accounts or strategies
  • Consider harvesting capital losses and gains in non-qualified models
  • Retirement Distributions/Conversions
    • Discuss overall strategy and timing
      • “Filling up your tax brackets”
      • Widows Tax
      • Medicare Premium Cliff Bracket
      • Consider taking more out to reduce tax impact later
      • Consider selling highly appreciated stock in low-income years
    • Discuss Roth Conversions
    • Consider QCDs (Qualified Charitable Distributions) for RMDs
    • Consider moving RMD to a non-qualified account
  • HSA Contributions
  • Discuss child investment accounts or strategies

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